The Fusion Growth Partners Story begins when James sold his first home to Bonnie in 1989

James Becker, Founder and CEO of Fusion, sold his first home to Bonnie in 1989.

The Fusion Story

James Becker, CEO and Founder of Fusion Growth Partners, explains that Fusion may never have come into existence if his life had played out the way he expected it to. He recalls, “Twenty-one-year-old James could have never predicted the shocking turn his life was about to take, or that he’d be forced to do some things that tested him to his core.”


It was 1989 when James obtained his real estate license, and the market was at a peak with abundant inventory and plenty of buyers and sellers. After a fantastic first year, it seemed he was a natural, but just around the corner was the onset of a substantial recession that few saw coming. With little warning, the housing market began a downward spiral that continued for years, with no end in sight. One could drive for blocks and see a “For Sale” sign in front of almost every house – but there just weren’t interested buyers. This new reality was unsettling for everyone in the real estate industry. For James, it hit a reeling blow of sobering reality. His first child was on the way, and instead of beginning to build for the future, he now would have to figure out a way to simply survive and make ends meet.

James Becker with his first child: his daughter, Brittany.

At the time, Mike Ferry was deemed one of the masters in terms of real estate sales, and to most agents there was none better. Ferry taught a simple philosophy — knock on doors until you find someone who will work with you. Determined to gain some traction and earn an income, James was committed to following Ferry’s strategies, whatever it took.  Day after day he diligently knocked on doors, but it wasn’t creating enough opportunity for potential sales. Deviating from Ferry’s “proven method” was tempting, but James stayed the course. However, as time passed and results continued to be minimal, he looked inward to regroup and to formulate a new plan. James knew that he was resourceful, and he possessed the discipline to persevere when the purpose was important. He implemented a single change that day – he replaced door knocking with phone calling.

Although his incessant phone calls were initially an irritation to the other agents surrounding his cubicle, James soon found his new strategy producing results. Not long after, the new guy in the office was accepted by the self-proclaimed “luxury-listings-only” elite. What James didn’t know then was that his drive and determination to improve his own success would eventually spark the invention and creation of a new system for real estate agents – a program that would one day transform many businesses and lives.

For James, there seemed to be a critical element missing from what was taught at sales seminars. He observed that agents were provided an abundance of valuable strategies and methods for business growth, but weren’t shown how to implement them in a practical way. Based on his own years of research and experience, James concluded that in order for an agent to be able to scale significantly, there would have to be consistent execution of ALL of those strategies (which is virtually impossible for any agent to accomplish alone). James also realized that instead of looking at their businesses from the perspective of a solopreneur, agents would need to have more of a CEO perspective and consider early on the elements that would be required for significant growth.

James felt that if he could figure out a way to economically bridge that gap for agents, there would be opportunity to make a profound difference, specifically for those ambitious agents who truly want to significantly scale. Solving this problem for James became a heart-driven mission. If he could develop this type of growth platform, then he could provide the means to completely transform businesses for those who aligned with the business growth philosophies the platform would embody. Most importantly, it could transform the lives and families of those individuals behind the businesses.


The same mission and purpose still drive James and the entire Fusion organization today. He has confidence that his organization has the potential to play a role, however significant, in keeping the entrepreneurial spirit alive on a widespread level. He believes that offering real value when serving others is the most important component of business growth. James keeps that concept ever at the forefront of Fusion’s touchpoints with the partners, knowing that success for the Fusion organization can only be achieved in direct correlation with the success of the partners, employees and investors that he humbly serves.