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Building a business that can have continuous revenue growth and profits requires you to have the structure and the elements needed to support that growth.  When we invest into a small business we start with the GROUNDBREAKER stage.   We consider it building you a business development factory that will continuously execute the routines necessary to generate more business. 


“Your  Factory” is individualized to your business services and the specific clients that your business serves.   Fusion will build a comprehensive business platform specific to your business. Core elements include proven work processes, client database development, individualized branding, internet presence, team strategy systems, sales presentations and procedures, and more.

The platform is complete with coaching and training for implementation.

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Once your Business Development Factory is built – We take all the elements and assets that we created and start the “Blue Collar” routine work process to build your business more clients that will use and refer your services over and over again.


Service Businesses are built by executing solid foundational business practices that consistently remind your potential, current and past clients that you are there for them, that you will do a great job, that you will charge a reasonable price and most of all that they can count on you.  This process to obtain positive “Mind Share” is simply a series of routines that must be executed with fanatical consistency over a continuous period of time.  These processes have mind numbing detail that must be paid attention to and executed impeccably over and over and over again. This is why we consider it the “Blue Collar” part of growing a business, because it requires a person or people who have the ability to do repetitive, boring, non-rewarding – BUT ESSENTIAL WORK for a long period of time. 


A part of our investment is to recruit, train and pay for  these individuals – the exact people who are able to roll up their sleeves, who have an eye for detail, even if it is mind numbing and to do the consistent routine work that must be done, Monthly, Weekly and Daily.


Fusion staff – does this specific work as if they were your staff – with one significant difference, Fusion pays their salaries, YOU DO NOT!


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Most of our Partners who we invest in – at some point will get to a point that their business has had such significant growth that they are thrust into to this next stage out of necessity. It is what we at Fusion consider a “Quality Problem”.


Most small businesses rely far too much on the “Owner” of the business, in fact – if the business cannot function without the business owner, the business owner is really not an owner at all, they are a JOB OWNER – and they can never clock out or it is very difficult to quit.  

TEAMMAKER is the process that takes a small business and starts a process to help the business become more independent of the owner.  This process of hiring more individuals that can spend time in client facing positions, where the owner is needed less, is how the business actually develops independent value and can be sold to another owner.


We work together with our partners in all aspects of team-building, including recruitment advertising, interviewing, employment contracts and compliance, management training, and situational coaching.

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This is our partnership’s Ultimate Goal


Once we've built a stable and profitable business and developed an outstanding management team to run it, the business owner/partner will have an opportunity to withdraw from an active role.


The Business Owner can simply work less – focusing on only the management team support, or he or she can sell the business out right.   When this point comes, we will provide ongoing and real time advice and consultation from some a perspective of being in the business for a substantial period of time and will be able to give you feedback that can only come from a historical perspective of really knowing the business inside and out as knowing the business owner personally for an extended period of time.


It is also possible, Fusion could buy the business from you directly or just a portion of it and take over all operations and you would still benefit from the profits of the sale and the ongoing revenue share for a life time.

This is our ultimate goal